Max and Quincy

Max and Quincy are two British jewel thieves and the secondary antagonists in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. They steal the Étoile de Joie diamond for their boss Double X (a.k.a. Inspector Bouchet) but lose it after hiding it in Herbie's gas tank.

Role in the FilmEdit

They first appear hiding inside a statue and using a computer device to shut down the security traps, they manage to steal the jewel (however, Max couldn't figure out the last code number given to them by their boss for the pillow trap and Quincy tried to use old ways to get the diamond.) They set off the alarms and the police soon arrive. In order to avoid getting caught with the diamond, they hide it inside Herbie's gas tank but they lose the little car in the process.

They try many attempts to get the diamond back but since it's against Herbie, things go upside down for them. Their second attempt was at night while Herbie's owners were in their room. They struggled trying to get the cap off until they decided to steal Herbie. However, dealing with a car with a mind of its own, he shook them off and shot soot in Max's face while trying to hotwire him. He drove off with Max and Quincy in pursuit promising each other not to mention any of this to their boss, Inspector Bouchet a.k.a. Double X. The third attempt was a pursuit through a gypsy camp but once again failed to get their hands on the diamond. This made Jim and Wheely believe they were trying to knock them out of the race. At first, they thought they were working for Diane but that was quickly proven wrong, which she took it badly.

Their later attempts was during the Trans-France race. They had Herbie, Jim, and Wheely divert onto a mountain road and had them trapped under rocks and at gunpoint. Unfortunately, they got buried under the rocks too when Herbie, Jim, and Wheely caused a second avalanche with yodels.

Jim and Wheely soon found the diamond in Herbie's gas tank when Max and Quincy showed up with guns again. Jim and Wheely engaged them in a fight. Jim took on Max and Wheely took on Quincy but was easily beaten until Herbie pushed him into a ditch. Jim defeated Max by punching him in the face and had him fall into the ditch with Quincy. Max and Quincy were soon tied up but were able to warn Double X of the situation before they were later captured and arrested.