Fred Loostgarten

Fred Loostgarten was a former employee of Alonzo Hawk's, who had his own independent demolition company. He was known for wearing a red hard hat. It was Mr. Hawk who gave him the assignment of tearing down Mrs. Steinmetz' firehouse to make way for the 130-story skyscraper Hawk Plaza. To protect Mrs. Steinmetz and the firehouse, Hawk's nephew, Willoughby Whitfield, paid a call to Loostgarten. In an imitation of his Uncle Alonzo's voice, Willoughby tricked him into razing Mr. Hawk's house (located at 343 Oleander Heights), using a wrecking ball. An outraged Alonzo Hawk then chased Loostgarten into the city streets, metal pipe in hand.

Loostgarten was played by veteran actor Chuck McCann.