Davy Johns

Davy Johns (better known as D.J.) is Pete Stancheck's mechanic in Herbie Goes Bananas.


He accompanies his partner, Pete Stancheck, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where they pick up Herbie for the Grand Primeo of Brazil. At first, like Pete, he shows less confidence in him until he shows off his incredible speed while trying to help Paco escape from three men who are after him. While Pete suspects there is something weird about Herbie, D.J. shows a lot of confidence that they have a winning chance with him.

After Herbie becomes impounded for causing trouble, D.J. attempts to sweat talk Aunt Louise Trends into sponsoring the little car but all was in vain after Herbie was sentenced to be thrown overboard. After losing Herbie, Pete and D.J. find a job in Panama but soon go after Paco again when he steals from them. With Melissa's help they commandeer a bus and go after Herbie and Paco, they pick up Aunt Louise and Captain Blythe along the way. D.J. is last seen polishing a fully restored Herbie on the way to the Grand Primeo of Brazil.